World Views Revisited

There are certain subjects that appear throughout the Seth material, which like orchestral themes play over and over again. I’d like to briefly discuss a few of those themes. The first one concerns how we perceive mankind in general. For the past two thousand years the human race has viewed itself as a tainted and … More World Views Revisited

A Gay Visitor

There are times when another aspect of ourselves suddenly appears in this reality. Jane Roberts used to call these appearances bleedthroughs. These “bleedthroughs” can show themselves in any number of ways. It might be through an uncharacteristic response to some comment somebody makes, or something as subtle as a slight alteration in the timbre of … More A Gay Visitor

Your Own Power

As I was watching television the other day there was this news clip having to do with the pope, and as he walked by there were throngs of people who were almost in a frenzy as they tried to touch him, or touch some part of his clothing. It reminded me of a similar procession … More Your Own Power

Salem Possessed

In the late 1600’s a very sad chapter in American history was written. In and around the town of Salem, Massachusetts, during the years of 1692 and 1693, a series of trials were held during which a number of local residents were accused of practicing witchcraft. These trials resulted in the execution of twenty people, … More Salem Possessed

Head In The Clouds

I think clouds are a wonderful place to reside in.  Clouds not only add to the natural beauty of our planet, and protect us from the sun’s rays, but also carry the rain that is necessary for the survival of all life. Clouds trust their rightness in the universe, and know that just by being … More Head In The Clouds