Sometimes I Curse

Sometimes I curse the fact that we cannot escape our negative beliefs, but according to Seth, if only our positive beliefs were materialized, we’d never learn one of the main lessons we have set out to teach ourselves; that our beliefs, our thoughts, and our emotions all coalesce to bring about the events that materialize … More Sometimes I Curse

The Personality Structure

Some thoughts I had regarding the personality structure and beliefs: The structure of personality and the psyche seem to be inextricably tied to beliefs. When various beliefs are held with enough intensity they form independent personality structures. And if one has various sets of contradictory beliefs each held with similar intensity, they then seem to … More The Personality Structure

Mood Swings

Mood Swings, when allowed to run their natural course, help maintain the unimpaired functioning of both body and mind. It is only when we try to prevent emotions from taking their natural course that we run into trouble. Attempts to impede emotion’s natural flow are detrimental to the entire organism. Hormones are not synthesized properly, … More Mood Swings